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Crowdfunding is one of the ways we fund our future projects. We believe in the grassroots approach and love getting fans involved. Below is the structure on how it works. We are constantly tweaking the process, but you'll get the idea. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at our Contact Us page.


  1. Vote- We need at least 50 Votes. This phase gets the ball rolling. It's shows demand. Once achieved, you will be placed in the Prototype phase.
  2. Prototype- This phase will require at least 100-150 Commits. Commits require a commitment to a Pre-Order price. You input your email address on the product page and lock in the lowest discounted price. You will not be charged until all Commits are achieved. Once completed those proceeds will produce a prototype of the product.


Royalty opportunity

Bring your school’s Rubber Tubber mascot to Life now!

You can MOVE your school’s mascot to the FRONT OF THE LINE and MAKE MONEY FOR LIFE!  By becoming a Rubber Tubber Super Fan we can get your school’s mascot into production RIGHT NOW!  A $10,000.00 investment is all it takes for Rubber Tubbers to design, produce and market your school’s first Rubber Tubber! A school Rubber Tubber mascot will always have a market for all future Alumni and the market will never be saturated or go out of style.  RUBBER TUBBER’S will be around FOR EVER!!

Here is the opportunity!

You will receive $1.00 for every Rubber Tubber  sold until you recoup your $10,000.

After you have recouped your initial investment of $10,000 you will receive $0.50 per Rubber Tubber sold for the rest of your life!

MORE IMPORTANTLY, you get to provide all current and future Alumni their school RUBBER TUBBER NOW!! And Rubber Tubbers will make sure you are recognized for making that possible!

RUBBER TUBBER’S will add you to their Super Fan page as the person that gave birth to the school’s first and only bathtub toy collectible!


CLICK HERE to see our participating Super Fans.