University of Kentucky - Wildcat l Floating Mascot

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Step back and watch me roar! University of Kentucky Wildcats football is a very serious matter. If you are a fan of Big Blue Nation football or know a Wildcat fanatic, then we know you’re not just a single sport fan! They’re tearing it up across the board so how can you not tune in to all their major sports.

The Rubber Tubbers University of Kentucky Wildcat Floating Mascot is the addition to your UK collection that you never knew you needed! Whether you’re a football, basketball, baseball, softball or soccer fan, the University of Kentucky Wildcat Floating Mascot is the perfect gift for birthdays, weddings and showers! 

The Long Standing Argument: Are there more college football fans or college basketball fans? Talk about a loaded questions! 

For Kentucky fans, let’s call it an even split. It’s likely that you will find University of Kentucky fans in their Wildcats gear from August to March. While their football program has loads of fans, they are historically recognized for their highly successful Men’s Basketball program. They have claimed more victories than any other men’s basketball program and the second-most national titles in NCAA history! 

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